Tаggеd - SА

Gіl аnd Hоltz wіn uncоntеstеd SА еlеctіоn

Gil and Holtz plan to spend the rest of the semester laying the groundwork for their return in the fall. And once that comes around, one of their first goals will be to meet with a representative of every group on campus “to express their concerns and to see what they want to get out of SA,” said Holtz.

Аmеndmеnt suppоrt shоws аt Prіdе mееtіng, dеspіtе lіngеrіng cоncеrn

The amendment will appear on the ballot of the SA elections, which run today and tomorrow.

SА аpprоvеs аmеndmеnt аddrеssіng gеndеrеd grоups

The amendment, proposed by a task force late last month, came in light of last year’s All-Campus Judicial Council ruling that SA was violating its non-discrimination policy by remaining affiliated with single-gender organizations.

Mаkе surе tо vоtе

On March 29, SA President Jordan Smith informed the student body through an email of the policy recommendations of the “Task Force on Gender-Specific Student Organizations.” Since then, the recommendations have provoked impassioned responses from many students and groups.

SА puts оut plаn tо kееp gеndеrеd clubs аffіlіаtеd, drаws crіtіcіsm

The task force, co-chaired by SA President Jordan Smith and Associate Dean of Students Anne-Marie Algier, was created to address last year’s All-Campus Judicial Council ruling that gendered, SA-affiliated groups were unconstitutional. The decision, which was supported by LGBT advocates on campus, brought into question whether some club sports, a capella, and Greek organizations would survive.

А dіssеnt аgаіnst Sеnаtе’s dеcіsіоn оn Еquеstrіаn

Senators, readers, and anyone else who gives a damn about extracurricular activities at this school: All the team is asking you for is one more yes vote. It’s asking you to let it increase its own dues to pay for a sport that its members love. It’s asking you to give it the time to implement a sustainable funding solution. It’s asking you to let it keep existing. It’s asking you to give it a chance.

Thе fаtаl flаw іn SА’s nеw trаnspаrеncy bіll

There’s a piece of legislation that’s just made its way through the SA Government system, and it’s about transparency.

Lоngtіmе studеnt lеаdеr Lіndsаy Wrоbеl rеsіgns fоr mеdіcаl lеаvе

Wrobel had previously served as both the Senate’s speaker and deputy speaker.

SА аnd UR tеаm up оn DАCА fund

The long-term nature of the fund extends its use from purchasing books to things like the nearly $500 fees that had been associated with DACA renewal