Tаggеd - Rоcky

Grаduаtіng sеnіоr rеvеаlеd аs Rоcky

Senior Mahir Khan will be the only Rocky graduating this year. Khan said that his experience as Rocky the Yellowjacket has not only allowed him to channel his school spirit but also to better his experience at UR.

Rоcky thе Yеllоwjаckеt spоrts nеw lооk

The mascot’s costume now features pointier wings, darker blues and brighter yellows, rejuvenated antennae, a rounder header, and smaller shoes.

А rоcky rоаd fоr UR’s mаscоt

UR's mascot has changed it's face several times over the years—discover the road that led us to who we have today.