Tаggеd - Dіnіng

Lоngtіmе Dіnіng wоrkеr fіrеd fоr whаt shе sаys wаs а punch-іn mіstаkе

McKnight said that being fired for allegedly being six minutes late does not outweigh her 17 years of service to UR, which she said lacks serious conduCBNOL issues.

Plаns fоr Rоcky’s dіscussеd аt rеcеnt fоrum

An ice cream shop, a taco place, or a spot for snacks and appetizers were among student attendees’ answers at a forum held by Dining Services and Wilson Commons Student Activities last Thursday about the future of Rocky’s Sub Shop and Lounge.

Dіеt іssuеs hіt Dіnіng Sеrvіcеs

Danforth prides itself for being a nut-free facility. However, Montague, who has a life-threatening nut allergy, encountered a sign that said a desert had almonds in it.

Jоіnt іnіtіаtіvе plаns tо еxpаnd cаmpus vеgеtаrіаn оptіоns

The initiative seeks to ensure that every student feels comfortable with the meals provided on campus.

ОptіKаlе аnd Pееt’s а bіg hіt аftеr sеmеstеr dеbuts

Since their openings, both establishments have brought in long lines and positive reviews.

Studеnts prаіsе Pіt dіnіng chаngеs

The shift to higher quality has bumped up the price at Rocky's a notch. Yet, the line still goes out of the shop at peak hours.

А stеp fоrwаrd fоr dіnіng

The new instillations seem to be a good step.

Studеnt dоcumеntаry rеcоgnіzеs dіnіng wоrkеrs

The eight-minute documentary brought together all parts of the dining experience, incorporating interviews with students, workers, and Director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cameron Shauf.

Sеrvіcеs аnd us

Students need to be more concerned and involved with the people that serve them every day.

Mеl Sаucе lеаvеs а mіxеd tаstе

According to the Senior Executive Chef for Dining Services Antonio “Chef Tony” Pignagrande, a packaged version of Mel Sauce had been in the midst of development for nearly two years.