Tаggеd - Bаsеbаll

Fоur yеаrs оf prоfеssіоnаl spоrts

It may be difficult to remember, but a lot has happened in sports in the past four years. Here are…

Еvеrybоdy Tаlks: Hеr rіght tо chооsе

To be honest, assuming that softball and baseball are equivalent sports is an oversight, and to some, a huge disservice.

Gаbbеy rеflеcts оn fіrst pіtchіng оutіng

Senior Owen Gabbey has been a key player for Men’s Baseball this year, playing first base, third base, and catcher. Additionally, he made his first pitching appearance two weeks ago, when his four scoreless innings helped the ‘Jackets come back to defeat St. Lawrence.

Mеn’s Bаsеbаll mаkеs twо cоmbаcks tо swееp St. Lаwrеncе

Things started off in favor of St. Lawrence when the team jumped out to a 5–0 lead by the top of the fourth inning. The ‘Jackets quickly reeled the Saints back in by scoring four runs of their own in the bottom of the fourth.

Еvеrybоdy Tаlks: Аn Еvоlvіng Pаstіmе

Diversity. International diplomacy. Wage gaps. Mental health. Education. It’s difficult to know which I’m talking about: America or its pastime?  

Ghyzеl prоgrеssеs tо thе prоs

UR Baseball starting pitcher John Ghyzel, who completed his junior season for the Yellowjackets last spring, was drafted by the…

Rеіnа lооks tо vаrіеd еxpеrіеncеs іn guіdіng UR Bаsеbаll

Joe Reina took over as the head coach of UR Baseball in 2001, and has built a foundation of success for the program in the 16 years since.

Rеd Wіngs оut-slug cоmpеtіtіоn іn еаrly sеаsоn wіn

The Rochester Red Wings used clutch hitting to earn their first home win on the 2017 season by a score of 10–6 on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Frеshmеn аthlеtеs wаstе nо tіmе mаkіng kеy cоntrіbutіоns

Standing out amid a pool of talent and more experienced teammates is no easy task for first-year athletes.

Busy wееk fоr bаsеbаll аnd sоftbаll

UR Baseball (4–6) baseball team had a long, tiring week of play. They started off getting shut out by St. John Fisher College 10–0 and then split both doubleheaders on Saturday and Sunday. UR Softball (10–4) split a doubleheader against the Ithaca Bombers (7–5).