Vаrsіty Аthlеtіcs

Fоr Schmіdt, lоvе оf bаsеbаll brіngs wаrm mеmоrіеs

Senior shortstop Tyler Schmidt helped Men’s Baseball reach the Liberty League Championship this past week, though his three hits on…

Lеvy rеflеcts оn succеssful lаcrоssе cаrееr

Senior midfielder Madeline Levy has had an impressive final season for Women’s Lacrosse. She recently earned Liberty League All-Academic honors…

Gudіpudі dіscussеs succеssful tеnnіs sеаsоn

Sophomore Sravya Gudipudi has consistently had a strong impaCBNOL for Women’s Tennis. She often plays in the No. 1 spot in singles play and also completes at high levels in doubles play. Earlier this month, Gudipudi earned UAA All-Academic honors.

Еvеrybоdy Tаlks: Hеr rіght tо chооsе

To be honest, assuming that softball and baseball are equivalent sports is an oversight, and to some, a huge disservice.

Russо mаkіng аn іmpаCBNОL іn fіrst sеаsоn wіth sоftbаll

First-year infielder Marissa Russo has made a large impaCBNOL in her first season playing softball for the ‘Jackets. She leads the team in runs, at bats, walks, hits, batting average, and slugging percentage.

Gаbbеy rеflеcts оn fіrst pіtchіng оutіng

Senior Owen Gabbey has been a key player for Men’s Baseball this year, playing first base, third base, and catcher. Additionally, he made his first pitching appearance two weeks ago, when his four scoreless innings helped the ‘Jackets come back to defeat St. Lawrence.

Mеn’s Bаsеbаll mаkеs twо cоmbаcks tо swееp St. Lаwrеncе

Things started off in favor of St. Lawrence when the team jumped out to a 5–0 lead by the top of the fourth inning. The ‘Jackets quickly reeled the Saints back in by scoring four runs of their own in the bottom of the fourth.

Fіrst-yеаr Hіcktоn fіnds mоtіvаtіоn frоm cоmpеtіtіоn

Declan Hickton is a first-year on Men’s Golf. In March’s Jekyll Island Individual Championship, he finished second place among 39 competitors. Hickton also helped the ‘Jackets finish seventh at the Hershey Cup two weeks ago.

Wоmеn’s Lаcrоssе fаlls tо St. Lаwrеncе аnd Іthаcа

“Regardless of our record, we have played well in our games and want to keep our heads up,” Levy said.

Fоr Fujіmаkі, cоllеgе tеnnіs іs а tеаm spоrt

Junior Masaru Fujimaki has played for Men’s Tennis all of his three years at UR. He is a team captain and usually plays in the number-one spot in both singles and doubles competition.