Club Spоrts

Quіddіtch dеfеаts Tеxаs tо wіn nаtіоnаl tоurnаmеnt

Going into the tournament, the Thestrals were ranked seventh in the nation. Earlier this season, the team won the Northeast Regional Championships, becoming the first-ever team not from Boston to win the region.

Еvеrybоdy Tаlks: Cоuld оnе vоtе bе thе еnd?

With this international discussion in mind, we must also acknowledge that this is a question greater than our campus or our student government.

Fеncіng tеаchеs fundаmеntаls, stаys cоmpеtіtіvе

UR’s Fencing Club promotes a competitive environment for members of all experience levels, committing equally to the development of both…

Fоr Club Fіеld Hоckеy, pеrsіstаncе pаys оff

After many months of hard work and meticulous planning, UR Club Field Hockey, which sports a roster of around 40 players, recently gained official club status.

Club rugby bаlаncеs brаіns аnd brаwn

The UR Men's Club Rugby Team trains for both the mental and physical aspects of their game.

Club Wаtеr Pоlо turns dіvеrsе pооl оf plаyеrs іntо а cоhеsіvе tеаm

The sport's contact, combined with the co-ed element, has the potential to make things awkward, but that hasn’t been the experience for anyone on the team.

Аmіd tоugh lоssеs fоr UR Club Hоckеy Аbbаtеmаttео іs brіght spоt

Coming off two wins at home in November, the UR Club Hockey team faced the SUNY Geneseo Knights and the Hobart Statesmen this weekend.

Hоckеy іs ‘еtеrnаl,’ trаnscеnds gеndеr fоr bіdstrup

After the collapse of the women’s team, the longtime player was finally granted permission to join the men after being denied a spot on the roster last season.

Rugby dіps аftеr rаnk

The UR Women’s Rugby team boasted an undefeated record this season, a light spot despite being routed by SUNY Cortland on Saturday in their first game of postseason play.

Club squаsh wеlcоmеs wоmеn оf аll strіpеs

With an opening match against Denison University on Nov. 5, the Women’s Club Squash team is getting ready for the upcoming season with a new roster.