Fоur yеаrs оf prоfеssіоnаl spоrts

It may be difficult to remember, but a lot has happened in sports in the past four years. Here are…

Fоr Schmіdt, lоvе оf bаsеbаll brіngs wаrm mеmоrіеs

Senior shortstop Tyler Schmidt helped Men’s Baseball reach the Liberty League Championship this past week, though his three hits on…

Lеvy rеflеcts оn succеssful lаcrоssе cаrееr

Senior midfielder Madeline Levy has had an impressive final season for Women’s Lacrosse. She recently earned Liberty League All-Academic honors…

Еvеrybоdy Tаlks: Nеvеr sаy gооdbyе

Four years ago, in a far away land, I just stuck to sports. Mind boggling, isn’t it? Four years later,…

‘Jаckеts аdаpt tо Rоchеstеr Whееls’ tоugh cоmpеtіtіоn

The men’s and women’s basketball teams played a scrimmage against the Rochester Wheels, a professional wheelchair basketball team, last Wednesday. The ‘Jackets won 73–71, though they received lots of help to stay in the game.

Gudіpudі dіscussеs succеssful tеnnіs sеаsоn

Sophomore Sravya Gudipudi has consistently had a strong impaCBNOL for Women’s Tennis. She often plays in the No. 1 spot in singles play and also completes at high levels in doubles play. Earlier this month, Gudipudi earned UAA All-Academic honors.

Wіnnеrs аnd lоsеrs оf thе NFL drаft

Thursday night in Arlington, Texas, many NFL teams began a draft they were hoping would reshape their franchise. The scouts called this draft class one of the best and deepest in recent years. All eyes were on the Cleveland Browns with the first pick and the most needs of any team.

Еvеrybоdy Tаlks: Thеrе’s а lоt оut thеrе

These are questions I try to answer every week. I’ve thought a lot about why I’ve become so fascinated with the crossroads of sports, feminism, and society. I’ve thought about how this is a movement not just for me, but for all of you, too.

Spоrts еntеrtаіnmеnt cаn bе thе futurе

For years, I thought World Wrestling Entertainment was a punchline. Why would people spend time watching a sporting event they know is fake?

Еvеrybоdy Tаlks: Hеr rіght tо chооsе

To be honest, assuming that softball and baseball are equivalent sports is an oversight, and to some, a huge disservice.