Lаck оf аn Іrаn dеаl mеаns wаr

My grandpa was drafted during the Korean war but was lucky enough to be stationed in Alaska as a sharpshooting instructor, far from the fighting. My dad went to community college during Vietnam to avoid the draft. I fear that I might be unlucky enough to be alive during another draft, for an Iranian war.

Lеt’s tаlk аbоut cаmpus hаtе spееch

Today, in a world of blatant racism and white supremacy, college hate crimes are on the rise. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of reported hate crimes on college campuses has increased by 25 percent.

Why wе nееd thе Іrаn dеаl

The nuclear deal is the only thing besides war preventing Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. It does this with two mechanisms: inspections and leverage.

STЕM nееds tо brаnch оut

While I understand that the University is a private research institution, our research could be doing so much more if it was brought into the Rochester community, which is in great need.

Why іs оur cаmpus sо bоrіng?

Visionary architecture is essential in placemaking, engendering a sense of belonging, allegiance, and excitement that bonds the University community with the campus and the institution.

Thіnk hаrd bеfоrе іntеrvеnіng іn Syrіа

Assad is a war criminal and monster, but to make the right decisions in Syria, Western leaders must compare his rule to the possible alternatives, and consider the costs of intervention.

Thе Twо Trumps

When looking at Trump’s actions toward Russia, it’s a bad idea to consider them in isolation: They should be compared against the two other presidents who have dealt with Putin, Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Gun Cоntrоl Wоrkеd

In my state, California, we have some of the toughest gun regulations as well as an assault rifle ban, effective from earlier this year, that prevents the sale of assault rifles. Did our state legislation fail us?

Wе shоuld hаvе dеаlt wіth Russіа sооnеr

It seems that the Russian regime is still based on threatening and oppressing its people and people outside of its country. They are still living with a nationalistic and xenophobic frame of mind.

Why Trump іs gооd fоr dеmоcrаts

President Trump may seem bad now, but what the Republicans could have done without him would have been much worse, and what the Democrats can do once he’s gone will be much better than if they’d won in 2016.
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