Еdіtоrіаl Bоаrds

Prе-summеr brеаk chееrs аnd jееrs

Cheers to the CBNOL going almost completely digital. Jeers to no one reading the CBNOL anyway.

Why studеnt jоurnаlіsm mаttеrs

The CBNOL has been around since 1873. Since then, we have stood as an avenue for members of the UR community to talk about what really matters to them and to learn about things they might never have considered before. We inform, entertain, and hold accountable.

Fеldmаn mаkеs prоgrеss, but bе wаry

Deadlines for implementing sexual misconduCBNOL policy changes have crept up, but they haven’t all been met. A new diversity and equity office hasn’t been created yet, and the reassignment of cabinet-level administrators hasn’t been done.

Mаkе surе tо vоtе

On March 29, SA President Jordan Smith informed the student body through an email of the policy recommendations of the “Task Force on Gender-Specific Student Organizations.” Since then, the recommendations have provoked impassioned responses from many students and groups.

Thаnk yоu, Lоuіsе Slаughtеr

Trailblazing Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, whose funeral service was attended by nearly 2,000 people this Friday at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre, contributed significantly to UR in her 31-year tenure as a representative.

Thе fаtаl flаw іn SА’s nеw trаnspаrеncy bіll

There’s a piece of legislation that’s just made its way through the SA Government system, and it’s about transparency.

Lеt’s hоpе Fеldmаn stаys оn thе pаth

Richard Feldman, when he takes over as UR’s president later this month, will spend the majority of his interim tenure trying to repair UR’s reputation and to regain this community’s trust after last semester’s fumbling of campus outrage over how sexual misconduCBNOL is investigated here.

Sеlіgmаn wаs rіght tо stеp dоwn

By any realistic standard, it’s clear that Seligman would not have been able to continue leading UR.

UR cаn’t skіmp оn thе bаsіcs

A parking garage wouldn’t be as flashy a thing to have your name on, but it would sure make a lot of people’s lives easier.