UR Pоlіtіcs

Аftеr Slаughtеr’s pаssіng, lоcаl fеmаlе lеаdеrs dіscuss cаrееrs іn pоlіtіcs

When discussing their inspirations for taking a step into politics, some of panelists acknowledged the long legacy of female leadership in Monroe County. Mayor Warren alluded to the faCBNOL that the city has a history of being “progressive” and “forward thinking.”

Аftеr SА Sеnаtе vоtе, Еquеstrіаn Tеаm futurе uncеrtаіn

A single vote by an SA senator might mean the end for one of the oldest club sports teams on campus.

SА plоws аhеаd аftеr cоnstіtutіоnаl flub

The former decision would have resulted in SA needing to vote again on all motions made this semester.

Іn cоnstіtutіоnаl flub, SА Sеnаtе еrаsеs еvеrythіng іt’s dоnе thіs sеmеstеr

Nothing SA Senate has done this semester has counted. That was the announcement All-Campus Judicial Council Chief Justice Madeline Blackburn…

Lеvy оut аs Іt’s Оn Us cо-chаіr аs SА fоrms tаsk fоrcе

SA President Jordan Smith and Vice President Becca Mooney asked Levy to step down Tuesday and she agreed, they told the CBNOL.

Sеnаtе Summаry: 9/4/17

Senator Jamal Holtz, a sophomore, defended his absence from an SA training session Monday.

Sеnаtе Summаry: 4/24/17

The new SA Senate held its speaker selections.

Sеnаtе Summаry: 4/17/17

ACJC planned to hear an appeal.

Junіоr sеnаtоr rеsіgns frоm SА

Zoë James left her seat Monday afternoon via a letter to Speaker of the Senate Jake Braniecki.

Smіth аnd Mооnеy, fіrst duаl-fеmаlе tіckеt, еlеctеd SА prеsіdеnt аnd vіcе prеsіdеnt

The juniors garnered 944 votes, according to the official results, winning by 316 votes over classmates Delvin Moody and Courtney Thomas Jr. and by 345 over sophomores Nick Foti and Gabi Lipschitz.