DPS Updаtе fоr Dеc. 11

DEC. 2 Sixty dollars was stolen from a student’s unattended wallet in a Goergen Athletic Center locker room. A student…

Studеnts lооk tо lіght cаmpus wаlkwаys

Students, Public Safety officers, and University staff members teamed up Tuesday evening to survey locations on and off campus in need of better lighting as a part of the annual Walk for Light event.

Sіmоn prоfеssоr еmеrіtus rеsіgns tіtlе аftеr tаx frаud plеа

Horsky resigned his title Monday after the Department of Justice announced last Friday that he had paid a $100-million penalty and pleaded guilty to conspiracy for avoiding taxes through Swiss bank accounts.

Gun tаlks stіll аlіvе

Students, faculty, and staff sparred over evidence for and against arming Public Safety officers at the Medical Center.

Sеcurіty Cоmmіssіоn rеcоmmеnds аrmіng sеlеCBNОL DPS оffіcеrs

University President Joel Seligman stressed in a Thursday email to all students, faculty, and staff that no decision would be made without community input.

Pоlіcе scubа tеаm sеаrchеs Gеnеsее аftеr rеpоrt оf fаllіng pеrsоn

Police did not confirm whether anyone or anything had been found.

Cоmmіssіоn mаkеs prеlіmіnаry rеcоmmеndаtіоn fоr lіmіtеd guns аt Mеd Cеntеr

A University commission has made a preliminary recommendation to arm a handful of Public Safety officers at the Medical Center, though it will neither be considered nor publicized by UR until the fall semester.

Shоuld Publіc Sаfеty hаvе guns?

For many vocal students, the answer is no.

Tutоrіng flyеrs dіstrіbutеd іn suppоsеd scаm

On Jan. 26, DPS staff investigated a possible scam involving flyers for “High Quality Tutoring” being passed around in two classrooms.

Twо mоrе suspеcts аrrаіgnеd іn kіdnаppіng cаsе

Jesus Castro-Ubiles and Ruth Lora are newly charged with ties to the kidnapping.