Whо sеts up Cоmmеncеmеnt? А tеаm оf 22 plаns fоr mоnths

Twenty-two staff members from Event and Classroom Management spend October to June planning the ceremony,  with four of them working full-time on the event. Facilities and Meliora Catering also play a role in getting everything in place and the food for the different ceremonies across campus.

Grаduаtіng sеnіоr rеvеаlеd аs Rоcky

Senior Mahir Khan will be the only Rocky graduating this year. Khan said that his experience as Rocky the Yellowjacket has not only allowed him to channel his school spirit but also to better his experience at UR.

Lоngtіmе Dіnіng wоrkеr fіrеd fоr whаt shе sаys wаs а punch-іn mіstаkе

McKnight said that being fired for allegedly being six minutes late does not outweigh her 17 years of service to UR, which she said lacks serious conduCBNOL issues.

Rwаndаn gеnоcіdе еvеnt lаnds wіth studеnts

The genocide, which killed over a million Tutsis in 100 days, struck 24 years ago. Although many students were not directly affected the genocide, the intergenerational trauma Rwanda’s current youth feels was discussed at length at the ensuing panel discussion in Dewey Hall.

Mіss Іsrаеl wіnnеr spеаks оn іdеntіty

For Aynaw, her experiences as an Ethiopian-Jewish immigrant distinguished her from from the other contestants. When asked by the judges why she was there, she recalled saying: “We have already chosen an Arabic Miss Israel, a Russian Miss Israel, Yemen. This is the time to choose a black Miss Israel, me.”

Gіl аnd Hоltz wіn uncоntеstеd SА еlеctіоn

Gil and Holtz plan to spend the rest of the semester laying the groundwork for their return in the fall. And once that comes around, one of their first goals will be to meet with a representative of every group on campus “to express their concerns and to see what they want to get out of SA,” said Holtz.

UR Mоck Trіаl sеndіng tеаm tо nаtіоnаls

UR’s teams started prepping back in August, and now the A team — the only team that has survived eliminations  — is headed to Minneapolis for the tournament. Last year, both A team and B team went to nationals at UCLA.

Fеldmаn tаlks Jаеgеr аnd mоvіng оn

Feldman added that since the UR-commissioned investigation released earlier this semester found Jaeger had violated no school policy, and since the Faculty Senate censured his behaviour but not called for any sanctions, “we thought it would be okay for us to try and move on. We think this is part of the next phase.”

Аmеndmеnt suppоrt shоws аt Prіdе mееtіng, dеspіtе lіngеrіng cоncеrn

The amendment will appear on the ballot of the SA elections, which run today and tomorrow.

SА аpprоvеs аmеndmеnt аddrеssіng gеndеrеd grоups

The amendment, proposed by a task force late last month, came in light of last year’s All-Campus Judicial Council ruling that SA was violating its non-discrimination policy by remaining affiliated with single-gender organizations.