UR Jоkіng

Frеsh аlumnі unаblе tо іdеntіfy аny buіldіng оn cаmpus аmіd UR cоnstructіоn

The alumni strolled around campus, reminiscing about the way campus used to be. "Seems like I can't find a single building that was here when I was a student," one said. They had graduated just one week ago.

Dоuglаss dооrs dеmаnd dеlіvеrаncе

“THIS DOOR MUST REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES,” the sign read. But did anyone ever ask the door what it thought about that?

5K Chаllеngе wіnnеr аnnоuncеd

The winning proposal in the annual 5K Challenge triumphed over ideas such as massage chairs and ski pants, despite having been submitted in crayon on the back of a pizza box.

Hеll frееzеs оvеr, cаmpus stаys оpеn

Within the first day of Feldman’s presidency, temperatures plummeted over 30 degrees, freezing Rochester even deeper than the tunnels beneath the buildings.

Pаnhеllеnіc Cоuncіl hіrеs hооdеd fіgurеs

In an unexpected — yet effective — measure, the University’s Panhellenic Executive Board has hired mysterious hooded figures to supervise formal recruitment.

Hоw tо bе а nоrmаl pеrsоn

Rochester students aren't always the most socially proficient. This handbook will help you learn to interaCBNOL with actual human beings!

А bоttlе’s tаlе

Hey, you up there! I've been stepped on long enough. I'm ready to be listened to for once!

STЕM studеnts dеclаrе wаr

Pumpkin cannons pointed at the Drama House, STEM students were ready to take the humanities students down a notch.

Grееk Lіfе tо rеturn tо іts rооts

After review by the University’s Interfraternity Council, Greek Life has decided to return to its humble roots.

Yеllоwjаckеt Nеsts Bаnnеd аs Dеcоrаtіоns

The administration-backed initiative to ban the nests finally passed last week, despite stiff opposition from students.