Pоlіtіcаl Cоmеdy

GОP sаys: Bаn schооls

This past Friday, GOP lawmakers announced a party-wide initiative to end school shootings by banning schools.

Punxsutаwnеy Phіl gіvеs Stаtе оf thе Fоrеst аddrеss

From Bernie Loonders to Sean Parrotty, reactions were strong to President Punxsutawney Phil's State of the Forest Address.

Thе 12 Dаys оf Trumpmаs

A musical recap of all of the gifts our beloved President has given us in his first year in office.

Trump Аnnоuncеs Nеt-Nеt-Nеutrаlіty

An internal tape leaked from the White House reveals the President and his team's thoughts about net neutrality

Trump’s unоffіcіаl fіrst 100 dаys

Despite many outlets characterizing his tenure so far as an unusually unproductive, Donald Trump has actually been successful in fulfilling most of his “unofficial” first-100-days checklist.

Аn оpеn lеttеr tо bіg lоsеr Club Pеnguіn еxеcutіvеs

BigFlippers306 thinks the Club Penguin executives are making a tremendous mistake by shutting down their site. Sad!

Mаrtіnо sіgns оrdеr tо buіld wаll

The wall would proteCBNOL campus from President Donald Trump and all of his supporters.

Fоrgоttеn prеsіdеnts оf thе Unіtеd Stаtеs

This week in Fictional History 101, we learned about some of our nation’s most forgotten presidents. Here’s what we learned!

Аftеr thе еlеctіоn, study аbrоаd sееs drаmаtіc spіkе іn аpplіcаnts

And the fallout went beyond the expected liberal response—conservatives students want to go abroad, too.

Survіvоrs оf thе prеsіdеntіаl dеbаtе drіnkіng gаmе

It had seemed simple, but they’d been so wrong.