Pіcоlаs Cаgе: Thе Еpіlоguе: Rеturn оf thе Cаgе

Several months after I had last seen Nic Cage, I was surprised to hear what sounded like someone opening the front door of the mansion he bequeathed me.

Thе Chrоnіclеs оf Pіcоlаs: Thе Hооkеr, thе Cаgе, аnd thе Pyrаmіd

After three hours hiding from the police in an abandoned barn in Nevada, Nic Cage's nutritionist finally arrived. He had one question for her that would change all of our lives: "What can you tell me about pickles?"

Dоrа аnd thе Lоst Аrk: Clоsurе

Before the commercial break, Indiana Jones tackled Dora into some bushes. Angus and Bartholomew were worried about what their daughter might see after the commercials

Pіcоlаs Cаgе: Tоkyо Cаgе

We made it for two hours before I saw the red and blue lights. We had discussed this possibility, but there's really no hiding a giant six-foot pickle hitched on to the back of a motorcycle

GrоundMаn: Аn оrіgіn stоry

Jesse Sternbean arrived on campus that day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and completely clueless as to how literally that idiom would soon apply to him.

Dоrа аnd thе Lоst Аrk

Little Suzie Jenkins is a true Dora aficionado, and she knew from the beginning that this Dora episode was going to be something special.

А Mеаl fоr Yоu аnd Mеgаn

A cheating boyfriend learns why the new restaurant's name is pronounced "MEE-gan."

Pіcоlаs Cаgе аnd thе Chаmbеr оf Sеcrеts

Faced with the real Nicolas Cage trapped in a life-sized pickle, I asked the cinematic legend what I could do to help.

Pіcоlаs Cаgе

As a true Nicolas Cage fan, I know in my heart of hearts that the Picolas Cage is real.

Tоddlеr dеtеctіvе, chаptеr 9

Against the best of my still-developing judgment, I decided to keep doing the only thing I know how to do in this crazy world—sleuthing.