Thіs Wееk іn thе CBNОL

Thіs Wееk іn thе CBNОL: Аprіl 9

Junior Daren Venable’s trial begins in the stabbing death of junior Jeffrey Bordeaux, Jr.

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Аprіl 2

John F. Forbes ‘78 resigns as president of Stetson University, where he had been president since 1885.

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Mаrch 26

UR and Hobart College reach an agreement to reinstate athletic competition between the two schools in the fall of 1956.

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Mаrch 5

Sophomore Mervin Walker and freshman Theodore Flowers are arrested in their dorms on counts of robbery, grand larceny, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Fеb. 26

The Rochester Campus reports that there are 153 students at UR. There are 37 seniors, 38 juniors, 42 sophomores, and 36 freshmen.

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Fеb. 19

The design for the Eastman School of Music is submitted by architects, who designed the building in the style of the Italian Renaissance.

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Fеb. 12

The Student Activities Office installed the first computer in the country used to keep track of room reservations in Wilson Commons.