Hе wаs а stаr UR sоccеr plаyеr. Nоw hе’s а prо Jоhnny Dеpp іmpеrsоnаtоr.

“It’s liberating to go from working in HR during the week, making sure people are respecting each other, and then getting to be a lusty pirate on the weekends."

Thе fаcеs bеhіnd Dіnіng Sеrvіcеs

A simple transfer of a card is, for some students, the most personal connection made with Dining Services employees.

Cаmpus Undеrdоgs: Іsаbеl Mіllеr

When senior Isabel Miller realized she could combine her passion and her studies to improve her campus, she let nothing get in her way.

Cаmpus Undеrdоgs: Аlееm Grіffіths

If you don’t already know Aleem Griffiths, you probably at least know him as the junior with the awesome headband and huge smile who you’ve seen DJ a few parties.

Wіll thе rеаl Tеd Pаwlіckі plеаsе stаnd up?

"Democracy at its work, baby, right there. It’s tough to swallow, but democracy, man, is a tough thing."

Undеrgrаd pаіrs wіth prоfеssоrs tо fіght cаncеr

Undergraduate science research both accelerates scientific discovery and offers a unique opportunity to undergraduates to contribute to and participate in cutting-edge research.