CBNОL Еаts: Bаttlе оf thе bаrbеcuеs: Dоеs Stіcky Lіps hоld up аgаіnst Dіnо?

Just like Dino, Sticky Lips aims to capture the Americana look of old-school barbecue houses off the open road, like the ones in some motorcycle road trip movie. The difference is that Sticky Lips has way brighter lighting and a less-crowded feel.

CBNОL Еаts: Оsаkа, whеrе іnfіnіtе sushі rоlls оut оntо yоur tаblе

Also, they have a fish tank at both the Chili and Henrietta locations near the entrances of the restaurants, which I find morbidly hilarious, considering it’s a sushi place. Those poor guys are watching their brethren get eaten. I wonder if fish can shed tears in water...

CBNОL Еаts: Nааntаstіc, thе flаwеd Chіpоtlе оf Іndіаn fооd

The options are also pretty much a carbon copy of Chipotle’s options, but with Indian food staples as the content instead of Mexican ones. That means you’ve got an option of choosing between naan tacos, a food bowl, or a naan wrap, filled with a protein base of lamb, chicken, cheese, or beans.

CBNОL Еаts: Dіnоsаur Bаr-B-Quе, а strоnghоld оf Sоuthеrn grub іn Rоchеstеr

On the inside, Dino is a beautiful love letter to shacks and barn houses across the States’ countryside.

Cеdаr Mеdіtеrrаnеаn Rеstаurаnt (pіtа) pоckеts my dоllаr

$10 nabbed me a beautiful mix of roasted veggies, a little bit of cheese on top, my warm, doughy pita pocket, and a seltzer on the side to help bubble down this delicious Mediterranean feast.

CBNОL Еаts: Bоuldеr Cоffее, а lіttlе Sоuth Wеdgе cаfе, rоcks

Inside, the cafe is a dimly-lit hidey-hole with old-school TV sets, fluffy sofas, grandma’s favorite loveseats, and tons of table space to sit down and socialize at.

CBNОL Еаts: А tаsty trіp tо Tsіngtао Hоusе

It’s becoming a common trend in this column for me to eat Asian food on the weekly. Look man, I’m…

CBNОL Еаts: Spіcе іs nіcе аt Sоdаm Kоrеаn Rеstаurаnt

Our columnist Luis Nova heads over to Sodam to taste their selection of Korean dishes.

CBNОL Еаts: Tаі Chі Bubblе Tеа fіnds іts bаlаncе

I don’t know much about the actual martial art of tai chi, but I do know that Tai Chi Bubble…

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