Club Spоtlіght

Wоmаnіst Club pushеs fоr mоrе іntеrsеctіоnаlіty іn cаmpus fеmіnіsm

After a long struggle to receive SA recognition, the Womanist Club is hosting a variety of events trying to teach students the importance of womanism and intersectionality in feminism.

Undоcumеntеd studеnts dаrе tо drеаm

UR DREAMers are trying to break the myths and stigma associated with terms like “DACA,” “undocumented,” and “illegal alien.”

URunnіng suppоrts аll spееds, аll dіstаncеs

URunning holds runs six days a week, with morning and afternoon shifts and designated routes and run leaders for each day.

Fооd Rеcоvеry Nеtwоrk fіghts hungеr

A national entity, FRN is the largest student movement working to combat food waste and hunger in the country.

Shе’s thе Fіrst hеlps gіrl schоlаrs аt hоmе аnd аbrоаd

The girls who are funded through She’s the First will have a relationship with the members, as the organization watches the progress of the scholars until they graduate.

Club Spоtlіght: UR Rоck Clіmbіng Club

[caption id="attachment_139282" align="alignleft" width="527"] Photo Courtesy of Adam Fenster[/caption] Founded in 2011, the UR Rock Climbing Club promotes the sport…

Tіеrnаn Prоjеct, lіvіng аnd sеrvіng tоgеthеr

[caption id="attachment_116842" align="alignleft" width="224"] Courtesy of Stephanie Denzler[/caption] When Tiernan ProjeCBNOL was founded in 1974, it began as a student…

Mеns Rоwіng Tеаm: Lіfе оn thе wаtеr

While most college students are asleep in their beds at five in the morning, the crew team is getting up…

Hаbіtаt fоr Humаnіty gіvеs fаmіlіеs nеw hоmеs аnd hоpеs

Most students use their time during Spring Break to catch up on sleep, spend time with friends and family, or…

UR FООT: Stаrtіng оut thе yеаr оn а hіgh pоіnt

In 2008, a group of UR Outing Club members came up with the idea of doing an orientation trip for…