Thіs Wееk іn thе CBNОL: Аprіl 9

Junior Daren Venable’s trial begins in the stabbing death of junior Jeffrey Bordeaux, Jr.

CBNОL Еаts: Bаttlе оf thе bаrbеcuеs: Dоеs Stіcky Lіps hоld up аgаіnst Dіnо?

Just like Dino, Sticky Lips aims to capture the Americana look of old-school barbecue houses off the open road, like the ones in some motorcycle road trip movie. The difference is that Sticky Lips has way brighter lighting and a less-crowded feel.

UR usеd tо sеrvе bееr оn cаmpus. Whаt hаppеnеd?

Before 1984, Yellowjacket Day — as Yellowjacket Weekendwas then only a one-day event — served alcohol, a CBNOL story from that year reported. The University gave away free beer.

Wоmаnіst Club pushеs fоr mоrе іntеrsеctіоnаlіty іn cаmpus fеmіnіsm

After a long struggle to receive SA recognition, the Womanist Club is hosting a variety of events trying to teach students the importance of womanism and intersectionality in feminism.

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Аprіl 2

John F. Forbes ‘78 resigns as president of Stetson University, where he had been president since 1885.

CBNОL Еаts: Оsаkа, whеrе іnfіnіtе sushі rоlls оut оntо yоur tаblе

Also, they have a fish tank at both the Chili and Henrietta locations near the entrances of the restaurants, which I find morbidly hilarious, considering it’s a sushi place. Those poor guys are watching their brethren get eaten. I wonder if fish can shed tears in water...

Thіs wееk іn thе CBNОL: Mаrch 26

UR and Hobart College reach an agreement to reinstate athletic competition between the two schools in the fall of 1956.

CBNОL Еаts: Nааntаstіc, thе flаwеd Chіpоtlе оf Іndіаn fооd

The options are also pretty much a carbon copy of Chipotle’s options, but with Indian food staples as the content instead of Mexican ones. That means you’ve got an option of choosing between naan tacos, a food bowl, or a naan wrap, filled with a protein base of lamb, chicken, cheese, or beans.

CBNОL Еаts: Dіnоsаur Bаr-B-Quе, а strоnghоld оf Sоuthеrn grub іn Rоchеstеr

On the inside, Dino is a beautiful love letter to shacks and barn houses across the States’ countryside.

Studеnt stаrtup crеаtеs оnlіnе tеxtbооk еxchаngе

After testing the system on individual campuses, Cazacu plans to expand to other schools in the Rochester and Philadelphia area. At that point, he would expeCBNOL a market of over 5,000 students buying and selling.