‘Thе Undеrhіll’ іs аmbіtіоus аnd fаscіnаtіng

I’m not sure how to describe “The Underhill” to someone who didn’t go, because it is nearly impossible to explain.…

Аrt Аwаkе fоstеrs cіty, cаmpus crеаtіvе еxchаngе

“There’s a lot of talent here that goes on unnoticed,” senior and Art Director Daniel Hargrove said.

Jеff’s Sundаy strеаm оf cоnscіоusnеss

Today is going to be a good day. Tomorrow is going to be a good day too. I am just so thankful for every day I get to experience in this life.

‘Pоlіtіts’ prоvіdеs іnsіght іntо Rоchеstеr fеmіnіsm

Politits: Art Coalition is a self-described group of “strong female artists” that aims to create “provocative performance and visual art” to be displayed in various Rochester spaces.

Mоtіоn mееts stіll lіfе іn Еаstmаn phоtо еxhіbіt

“The Secret Life of Objects,” an exhibition showcasing artist Robert Cumming’s most notable artwork, opened its doors to Rochester at the Eastman Museum on Friday the 17th.

MАG іnvіtеs guеsts tо bе hеаrd

Ascending the stairs during the Memorial Art Gallery’s event Friday night, you might have noticed an odd juxtaposition between the DJ’s beats being left behind and the sound of harps and soft conversation replacing them ahead.

‘Еlеvеn Lоvе Sоngs’ rеflеcts pоlіtіcаl аngst

A fifteen-foot accordion book adorned the center of the gallery on Thursday.

Nаturаl hаіr cеlеbrаtеd by PАSА

The Pan-African Student Association held an art exhibition last Saturday featuring photographs of natural hair in Haven’s Lounge.

Pаrаnоrmаl іnvеstіgаtоrs sеаrch MАG, fіnd thе unеxplаіnаblе

The Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) reached out due to a growing number of stories and strange sightings taking place throughout the 103-year-old building.

Thе dеаd cоmе аlіvе аt MАG еvеnt

Spirits were high, in more ways than one.